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Heading: Propelling Engineering Services

Subheading: VTech Infotech engineering capabilities enable smooth development and implementation of various business solutions.

VTech Infotech engages in developing innovative business solutions that address all the enterprises’ sociotechnical needs. We consider your enterprise as a single unit and provide solutions for the different complexities.

Our experts combine their knowledge in the fields of administration, industrial engineering, and information technology along with other business transforming factors to present a process to boost your operations. We have a team that hybrid between an entrepreneur and an engineering mindset to provide both macro and micro-level business engineering solutions.

Heading: Our Engineering Elements

Telecom Engineering

Our telecom team has sharp knowledge on the topics of Outside Plant, Wireless Design, and Centralised Equipment. We break the barriers of traditional telecom engineering methods and create a revolution with high quality and cost effective outsourcing telecom services.

Construction and Infrastructure Engineering

Using a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, VTechInfo engineers can throughout monitor your project lifecycle. We are capable of thinking beyond the traditional horizons that can maximize our clients’ productivity and efficiency. Top-quality management and innovative technologies make our construction and infrastructure engineering the best.

Utility Engineering

We have special capabilities to handle all kinds of utility engineering services. Our planners and designers can prepare a cost-effective plan to support gas, water, electricity, and other essential technical services.

Plant Engineering We have engineers, developers, designers, contractors, and numerous other technical experts in our team who provide end to end services for the entire lifecycle of your plant. From the design aspect to the development side, we can completely manage your manufacturing plant.