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Heading: Focused Cloud Computing Services

Subheading: VTech Infotech presents a huge umbrella of cloud computing technologies to enhance your business functionality and reach.

VTech Infotech cloud services are referred to as a collection of services that provide cost effective and powerful transformational services. Based on specific business models, we can offer cloud services to increase your IT capacities and functionalities. 

Our cloud engineers have vast knowledge and skills to deploy various cloud models such as Private, Public, and Hybrid. Whether you want to deploy a cloud solution or required consultation to adopt cloud technology, you can contact our team anytime.

Heading: Our Cloud Computing Reach

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is our fundamental cloud offering that helps in building your cloud infrastructures such as systems and data storage drives. We provide the flexibility, reliability, and scalability that many businesses seek with the cloud and removes the need for hardware in the office.

Platform as a Service

Under Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution, we deploy infrastructure and software framework to efficiently run business applications. We use a quick and easy platform to build your personal cloud hub.

Software as a Service

Our SaaS cloud computing solutions revolve around the deployment of software over the internet based on a pay per use model. We develop innovative CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or CMS (Content Management System) applications to improve your business efficiency.