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Heading: Astonishing Artificial Intelligence Services

Subheading: VTech Infotech empowers your IT resources with machine intelligence and human capabilities.

VTech Infotech AI services replicate human intelligence through computers to automate repetitive tasks and operations. We derive growth and efficiency for our clients with AI-powered business solutions. With the promise to maximize ROI, we develop AI applications that specify your business model and requirements.

Under our AI services, we cover all the partnering technologies as well, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and more. Our AI engineers understand your business dynamics closely to frame a seamless AI application to fuel growth in your workflow.

Heading: Our Exclusive AI Services

Robotic Process Automation

Using the Artificial Intelligence Platform, we strengthen customer support and experience services. We build a variety of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solutions such as Digital Virtual Agents, Chatbots, Predictive Agents, and Cognitive Process Automation.

Natural Language Processing

Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), we stimulate emotions in AI applications for a better outcome. Our NLP based solutions are Sentiment Analysis, Information Analysis, and Text Analytics.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions enable businesses to better understand their customers’ tastes via customer analytics solutions. When you can understand your customers’ behavior, you can recommend the right products or services and draw insightful predictive analysis.

Computer Vision Services

We provide a series of computer vision services under AI solutions, including Text-Image-Video Analytics Services and Image-based classification for quick analysis.